Virtual Data Product (VDP) Query Interface

VDP provides users with an entrance to access the virtual geospatial data products registered in CyberConnector's CSW.
When a request to VDP is received, CyberConnector will invoke the product generation processing model. When the execution is over, the outputted products will be sent back to the data consumers automatically


GeoBrain Online Analysis System

GeOnAS is an online analysis system based upon Service Oriented Architecture.
It provides an interoperable way of accessing geospatial web services; especially those from OGC, for integrating and analyzing distributed heterogeneous Earth Science data. And it utilizes geospatial in teroperability and web service standards developed by the OGC.


Service Components

Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) for Web Services

BPEL Process Manager is enhanced with: WS-Addressing for Aynchronony, WS-Security with extension to BPEL (access to SOAP header), and supports WS-BPEL 1.1, WSDL 1.1, SOAP, WS-Addressing, WS-Security

Geospatial Processing Services

Geospatial Processing Services are SOAP based geospatial Web services based upon GRASS, which could be used easily and invoked independently by any client in any part of the world.

CSISS Catalogue Service for Unidata

CSW is one part (or "profile") of the OGC Catalog Service, which defines common interfaces to discover, browse, and query metadata about data, services, and other potential resources. This CSW harvests and registers ISO19115-2 metadata from Unidata Thredds Server (