Finite-Volume Coastal Ocean Model

This page is built to help automatically produce qualified inputs for Finite-Volume Coastal Ocean Model application in Cyberinfrastructure. Prof. Haosheng Huang from Louisiana State University (LSU) provides the interior algorithms and codes which perform the actual data transformation processing.

Temperature and salinity initial condition file

This file is extracted and interpolated from HYCOM product ( which is free to download and generally in NetCDF format. The study area is Gulf of Mexico.

River forcing file

River discharge data including number of rivers, discharge volume, discharge temperature, and discharge salinity. River discharge data are extracted from USGS website ( The file is generated based on four fixed observation sites (the site no in the basket is defined by USGS):

Respectively, the list of adopted river properties for each site is (parameter no is defined and explained by USGS):

Complete the following form to request a FVCOM river input file:

Wind forcing file

The real-time fields of wind velocity or wind stress used for FVCOM.